A note from the author, Theresa Seidlitz:  

I guess you may wonder what the Jesse Tree tradition is and why it is so special. First, the Jess Tree is a small Christmas tree with paper ornaments on it. Each ornament has a picture of a different person from the Bible. The ornaments are really pretty, but the reason the Jesse Tree is so important to us is simple. The Jesse Tree is a family tree.  It is His family tree, the tree of the Son of God.

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That is the history of the Jesse Tree tradition. Mostly, it's a countdown to Christmas using Bible stories and paper ornaments. It helps my brothers, sister, and me know the people who came before Jesus. But, it's more than that. It's a story about God and family. I can't imagine Christmas without it.

The way our family celebrates the Jesse Tree tradition is something I look forward to every year. Beginning on the night of December 1st, my family gathers together to read a story from the Bible. We read one story every night on the days before Christmas. Before we read, we sing, "O Come, O Come Emmanuel." After each reading, we hang an ornament on the tree to honor the person in the story. By Christmas Eve, we have ornaments with pictures of the people we all know from the Bible. They are Adam and Eve, Noah, Sarah and Abraham, David, Jeremiah, Moses, King Solomon...and more. Then on the last night, Christmas Eve, we read the story of Jesus. We place His ornament on the tree. Then we sing "Silent Night" together. This night is one of my favorite times!