During the weeks before Christmas, Christian families prepare to remember the birth of Jesus. As they do, family traditions fall into place, and many families use various ways to recall the stories of those who came before Jesus.  Children, of course, get very excited about the celebration to come. While celebrations are always fun, the life of Jesus becomes more meaningful and significant when we look at all the biblical figures who came before Him.


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Countdown to Christmas: 24 Days of the Jesse Tree Tradition allows your family to take time to know the people in the Bible and to see their connection to Jesus.  To begin the tradition, set up a small 2' - 3' high tree in your home. Before you read each story, sing "O Come, O Come Emmanuel." Read one story every night in the days before Christmas. After each story, hang an ornament to remember the biblical figures, starting with Adam and Eve and ending with Jesus. On Christmas Eve, read the story of Jesus and sing "Silent Night" with your family.  

As you begin the Jesse Tree tradition, the figures on the family tree may seem to be only a list of names. But, they are much more than that. On each branch, the names begin to populate the tree of life in God's family. Night by night, children learn that Jesus had a family just like they do. They learn that families are the heart of life, and they learn that each family member influences the entire family. They learn that, with God, families grow confident and strong.  

The ancestors of Jesus Christ believed in God and told of God's plan of salvation for mankind. In the Bible, the Jesse tree was cut down, and the children of Israel went into exile. But life did not end. Instead, it grew strong, and it bore much fruit. This is the story of the Jesse Tree. 

May you and your family have a blessed Christmas!

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